How is the Steel Structure Cost Calculated?

There are many factors to be considered when calculating the steel structure costs. Some of those ;

  • The floor area of the building planned to be built;
  • The height of the building; Center distance between columns;
  • Material quality to be used in the building;
  • For the location of the building (wind; snow; earthquake loads);
  • Is there any desired load carrier in the building (crane, conveyor belt etc.)
  • Making Sa 2.5 sandblasting for the production to be made;
  • Shoprimer coating before manufacturing;
  • Post-manufacturing industrial primer application
  • Post-manufacturing epoxy primer application;
  • Top coat industrial paint application;
  • Top coat epoxy paint application;

All of the items written above are the leading factors in determining the building cost.

The approximate cost of your building is calculated according to these items; Please contact us to prepare the best price offer for your projects as soon as possible with our expert staff.

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