ST Marble Cutting Machine Manufacture

We have been operating in Denizli for many years in the field of ST Marble Cutting Machine manufacturing and overhauling. Since the day it was founded, Zeytaş has become one of the leading companies in the field of machine manufacturing, increasing and developing its manufacturing varieties in line with the needs of the sector.

Aside from machine manufacturing, our company performs maintenance, overhaul, system modification, and machine installation operations elaborately and inadvertently. Our goals are to manufacture long-life machines with reasonable price, superior performance, without compromising quality and service. In this way, to always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to always be among the sought-after and preferred companies…

ST Marble Cutting Machine Manufacturing Process and Features

The sliding surfaces that allow the movement of the disc carrier trolley on the bridge are manufactured in the form of a double ‘ v ‘ prism, and the sliding parts of the cutting trolley on the bridge are made of a special bronze alloy that is extremely wear-resistant, this system works in a complete oil bath.

The cutting trolley is mechanically driven by the motor-reducer group. Cutting speed is adjusted by an electronic frequency control system, this system allows the speed to be adjusted in a stepless wide range.

The horizontal cutting unit is driven by a 25 HP electric motor and performs the opening and closing process through a simple pneumatic piston. The vertical saw engine has a power output of 180 HP.

Side bridges carrying the main bridge are manufactured as steel construction. Sliding surfaces are protected against rust and wear by operating in oil baths.

The sliding surfaces close to the drive part of the bridge, work on special alloy bronze skids, allows the bridge to pitch precisely and stably. Sliding surfaces on the other side of the drive part work on needle bearings.

All operating parameters can be easily adjusted via 10-inch touch panel. The machine operating range is digitally adjusted by an encoder, placed on the X-axis instead of mechanical switches.

The machine allows all fault alarms, manufacturing quantities and sensor, motor fault diagnostic controls to be performed through the operator panel. The machine is coated with epoxy paint after sandblasting process.

Technical Specifications

Max block size : 320 x 220 x 220 cm
Max disc diameter : 170 cm
Max disc no: 2
Main motor power : 132 kW
Horizontal disc motor power : 18.5 kW
Horizontal disc diameter : 45 cm
Bridge horizontal motion motor power : 2.2 kW
Bridge vertical movement motor power : 3 kW
Weight : 17,000 kg
Total electric power : 160 kW

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