Steel Construction Buildings

Steel buildings, which have been used frequently in our country recently, continue to be the shining star of the construction sector with their strength, durability and the ability to reach high floors.
Steel buildings offer great convenience both during the construction phase and the manufacturing phase with their compact systems.
Steel construction is used in all of the buildings, which are considered to be the tallest structures in the world today.
Steel construction carrier systems are indispensable for high-rise buildings today.
For example, if a reinforced concrete system is used in the whole of an 80-storey building, certain project limitations are encountered and the specific weight of the structure can reach thousands of tons. In such cases, steel construction comes into play as the savior of the project offices and can make the structure more rigid and reliable by minimizing the high tonnage weights.
In our country where we started to learn to live with earthquake reality; steel construction systems exhibit high resistance to earthquakes and are much more reliable.
Our productions made in accordance with the steel building construction specifications; You can choose ZEYTAŞ DEMİR ÇELİK MAKİNA in your steel construction building projects with our quality certificates and our expert team.

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