Steel Construction, Steel Structure and Roof Systems

When all the bearing and coating elements of a structure consisting of steel elements that are strong, safe and have higher resistance, providing static ability due to their mechanical properties, it is called steel construction.

Steel construction structures, by distributing the load of the building with static calculations and accurate engineering, prevent the destruction of the structure and damage to the machine or equipment in the structure thanks to the advantage of ductility in cases such as earthquakes.

Apart from being more durable and suitable for long-term use than various building elements, integration into the structure and changes within the structure will be easier and more compatible.

As well as being suitable for all kinds of ground, climate and weather conditions, fields of usage for steel are;

Industrial Buildings

Sports Complexes

Building Reinforcements

Storehouse Projects

Mezzanine Decking Projects

Building Projects

Roof Projects

Warehouse Projects

Bridge and Dam Projects

Thermal Power Plants

Hydroelectric Power Plant etc. Energy Facilities

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