Steel Structure Manufacturing

Steel structure fabrication is the name given to the construction of a structure from steel. Steel construction manufacturing is known for being the safest structures in possible situations such as natural disasters. The foundations, which are the main carriers of the building, are laid with steel. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, both the building itself and the people living in it suffer the least possible damage. Steel structures, which stand out in terms of being safe, are preferred by many people. These structures, which are recommended to be built for earthquake countries and earthquake zones, are very important for people. You can have the steel structure you need built with Zeytaş Steel Machinery. Steel structures protect both your present and your future.

How is Steel Structure Manufacturing Made?

The most important requirement in steel structure manufacturing is an area of ​​sufficient width. The reason why the width of the space is important is; It may need a large area for the transportation of steel and building materials. Many activities such as transportation, material unloading and loading, assembly operations are carried out in this large work area. However, it may not be enough to just provide a large area for steel structure manufacturing. A favorable environment and road are also required for transport operations. A floor that can handle the heavy loads needed in steel structure manufacturing is a priority. And finally, the ground level should be made suitable for the manufacturing conditions. Projects, for which static and dynamic calculations are made by engineers, are implemented by the construction team with one-to-one application. With the models made before, the finished steel structure can be shown to the customers.

Why Choose Steel Structure Manufacturing?

Steel construction production comes to the forefront by keeping the person safer in natural disasters compared to other types of structures. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, both the building and the person suffer the least possible damage. Thanks to the lightening of the structure, the damage caused by the earthquake is also mitigated. Steel structures are famous for being almost 5 times lighter than concrete structures. In this way, the earthquake load is also reduced. You can meet both your security and accommodation needs with Zeytaş Çelik Makina.

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